Job and Traffic Management Solutions

Elite Traffic Management are an organisation with 35 teams spread across Sydney providing Construction Companies with Traffic Management Solutions.

They were relying on Paper forms to record Site Surveys, SWMS forms, Vehicle Inspections and Job Dockets to name a few.

This presented three major problems, the information was gathered in the field and is needed back in the office, if it rained the documents could be destroyed and then someone needed to transcribe the information to the business system and Invoice it.

Something needed to change so the contacted Paperless Business Systems (PBS) for a solution.

PBS created an online system to have all these forms “Digitised” available on a tablet or PC so that the information such as site surveys, inspection forms, arrival times, hazards  additions and importantly customers signatures can be captured in the field and instantly be available to the back office for acceptance,  query or Invoicing.

All documents once accepted are then automatically named and filed in their SharePoint document management as a Searchable PDF for easy retrieval.

This system is easily customised for any Traffic Management , Construction Firm or anyone who needs to convert t their Workflows go through a “Digital transformation” and speed up their customer service.