Clever scanning systems

Imagine if you could scan paper documents into a multifunctional copier, have the system recognise what it is, then who it relates to and file it accordingly.

What if we could check the details such as figures, compare that to your business system and if it matches approve it, then you would only need to check the discrepancies.

How much time would that save?


The biggest expense lines in most businesses are the payroll with lots of time spent creating documents, moving them from person to person and them re-entering the information back into the system it came from.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could simply click a mouse and have that document, form or information sent down a predetermined path and then upon reaching its final destination be absorbed into the business system, all automated with no data entry.

We supply a variety of different solutions to suit every business which we customise to suit the way your system works, not the other way round
Its simple, inexpensive and can save thousands as software works 24/7 doesn’t have sick days, holidays, maternity leave or require superannuation.

Our systems can be embedded in your multi-functional copier to allow scanning of paper straight to your filing system as a searchable document with the file name extracted from the papers content all automated with a click of the print button

Service Call Handling

If you need to send out job details to field technicians and capture details such as time, parts and signatures the we can tailor an App to suit you.
Once the signature is captured the form is delivered back to base with all the details ready for filing as a searchable pdf(a) with the billing details delivered to your accounting package, all automated with no paper

Timesheet collation

Time sheets information can be collected from the field, sent to a supervisor or manager for verification and then inserted into your accounting payroll package for calculation and payment, all automated all simple with no paper involved