Paperless Business Management Solutions

Are you a growing business who is looking for an effective paperless business management solution for hassle free office management? Paperless business system can provide you a customised solution to run your business and make you go paper free. We are a group that specialise in cost effective solutions to all size of businesses. It is laborious re typing  information from Paper to PC & PC to Paper, however we can automate this task and in the process eliminate data entry errors, speed up access to information and recover ”dead” staff time doing repetitive tasks. Whether we are in boom or tougher economic times every business needs a system to reduce costs and boost efficiency and this is it.

Here are some of the benefits

Cost effective- With no capital outlay the systems pays for itself from day one with sufficient cost reductions in labour, printing and stationary to pay for itself.

Increased Customer satisfaction-with quicker access to all files and documents your staff can handle customer queries quickly and efficiently which increases customer satisfaction.

Paperless Business Systems simple process

  • Scan or drag and drop the documents.
  • We then identify the scanned documents type.
  • Name it accordingly based on your naming convention
  • Send the documents into each client’s folder.
  • It files the documents as a searchable pdf and for easy retrieval in future.
  • All identifiers such as TFN’s are automatically redacted if required.
  • It can manage all types of documents like bank statements, payslips, Xplan forms, tax returns, migration certificates, passports, drivers licence, proof of ID an all other common type of documents.
  • The system is built intelligently that can exceptions and processed automatically next time it sees this document type.
  • Once an email add on option is activated, all attachments are automatically processed and all emails are stored in customers folder with or without attachments.

Paperless Business Systems work intelligently eliminating repetitive tasks and allow you to focus on income generation to increase your business.If you want to manage your business effectively, contact us