A Document management System can mean different things to different people so let’s look at what you really need.

If you just need somewhere to store your organisations documents then a simple windows folder structure may well suffice and we can scan directly into these folders direct from the multifunction copier’s keyboard.

Maybe you need to store these documents as a searchable PDF or convert to word, excel or maybe convert to a “fillable” Pdf, no problem that can be done at the click of a mouse.

Should your needs be more complex then we can add “workflow” where documents are scanned and passed down a pre-determined route from employee to employee gaining approval along the way before they are stored, this can save many hours and give management visibility of bottlenecks in the process.

Some Organisations need to scan or drag and drop files, have them read and have the following tasks performed automatically

Recognise what it is

Who it relates to

Whats it contains

Ave the contents extracted and verified and/or  put in another system.

All these are components of Document management and each system can be tailored to YOUR requirements giving just the components YOU need.