Are you an emerging business who is wondering how avoid the mistakes that more mature businesses make when storing their documents? Paperless business systems can provide you cost effective digital file management solution to grow your business with ease! Data entry or copying  data from paper to PC or PC to paper is extremely time consuming and prone to error, using our paper free service provides a simple automated tool which stores and organises documents such as bank statements, invoices, purchase orders, correspondence, contracts and the like into your filing system.

Whether it’s on premise or cloud based such as a windows folder,  Sharepoint, Trim or Office 365 all files are stored as “searchable PDFs so retrieving them is as easy as ABC.

The Process

Simply place your paper documents into the feeder of existing multifunctional copier hit the start button,  then the system will automatically scan all the document, identify the document type and name it based on your naming convention, sending them to clients folder and store them as searchable pdf for easy retrieval. It can save all identifiers and automatically redact them if required for privacy concerns.

If no folder has been created then the system will create one on the fly and place the documents in it.

Advantage of Automatic filing Management

Reduces cost– paperless Business Systems reduces data entry, eliminates errors and saves considerable time, all files can now be handled digitally and no longer require hard copy printing which saves money in ink cartridge, files, folders and other stationary etc.

Speed up operations– It provides faster processing and speeds up operational workflow and instant access to information, across the room or across the world. The added advantage is no more lost files!

If you want to manage your office files digitally hassle free while saving time and money then Paperless Business Systems can provide you effective solution.