ATO ScanMaster

Introducing the ATO ScanMaster Workflow System

ATOScanMaster is a simple but effective tool to automate the processing of ATO notices and reduce busy accountancy practices costs.

Simply scan the document received via the post from the ATO such as Notice of Assessments, Activity Statements and Running Balance Accounts to name a few, either in your existing multifunction copier or document scanner. The correspondence can be scanned in batches and our system will identify the individual letters, saving you time in not having to sort each item individually.

The system will automatically recognise:

  • What type of correspondence
  • What client it relates to

And then validate the information in your practice management system, such as Xero Practice Manager, MYOB, AE, APS, Handisoft or the like.

Once validated, provided the information is consistent with your database, it will automatically populate a customised template letter or email to your client. The template email can either be sent automatically or saved as a draft awaiting your final review. If sent as an email, the ATO correspondence will attach as a .PDF file to the template email.

Once the correspondence is completed, our system will then automatically file the email / letter and ATO correspondence in a pre-determined destination in your client document folders.

Any items that don’t match the expected values are routed to the relevant accountant for investigation. By dealing ONLY with the exceptions you can save valuable fee earners time and thus reduce your costs.

When developing this industry first solution, we were able to reduce the manual time spent on each itemof ATO correspondence from approximately 8 minutes to less than 60 seconds.