Paperless Business Systems was formed in 2017 to assist Australian Businesses reduce costs and increase their efficiency by Digitising their processes to reduce the reliance on paper and its inherent problems.

 “Paper isn’t very strategic” if your business is storing its information in paper-based files then this poses some critical problems!

Here are some of the problems you may experience if you rely on paper.

Paper files are not “searchable” they can be lost, misfiled, and destroyed by malicious employees or if burnt in a fire lost forever. Staff need to waste valuable time entering the information from paper to the CRM or Business System.

Alternatively electronic files or forms are easily searchable, can be backed up and restrictions can be put  so employees only have access to information that equates to their security level.

The following tasks can be easily automated

  • Scanning, naming & filing documents
  • Invoice and remittance advice processing
  • Job Dockets & delivery advice’s
  • Application forms & safety forms
  • Time sheets and leave forms

The list is endless but these are areas where every business can benefit as these solutions are scalable from SMB to Enterprise.

If you are ready to embrace Digital Transformation, this time saving technology then Paperless Business System is the best option for you, click on the link and lets us help you.